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Embracing Renewal: Springtime Reflections & Exciting Opportunities Ahead

Updated: Apr 3

Easter weekend has been and gone and it feels like spring is right around the corner after a glorious sunny day here in Hertfordshire.

Now seems like the perfect time to let everyone know my doors are back open and I am finally taking on new clients! I also want to update you with all the exciting things I've got to look forward to in the next few weeks.


The last 3 months have been a challenge in many ways, like so many neurodivergent women, hormone wobbles have a big impact and since Christmas I am officially enjoying the delights of perimenopause. That coupled with SAD I’ve been forced to hunker down and weather the storm.

Between days hiding from the world under the duvet, crying for no reason, forgetting the simplest of information and knocking into everything in my path, I’ve been doing lots of DNA deep dive analyses for clients.

I absolutely love these as they use my skills and expertise in medical and health research to their full potential.

  • Playing health detective, I lose hours exploring every tiny detail of a person’s health and how their genetics, biology, symptoms and struggles align.

  • Mapping out how all of these aspects interrelate and influence each other pushes all of my science geek buttons.

I love sharing my findings with clients and watching as the light bulbs go off with each new insight, before designing their programme of practical nutrition and natural strategies that, address these, and help people feel fabulous.

Genetic testing was a key piece of the puzzle in my journey back to optimal health and so, it’s great to be able to provide others the same deeply personalised health insights.

Behind the scenes...

In addition to DNA deep dives, I’ve been working on updating my systems and processes to streamline and enhance how I serve you; fraternising with Access to Work and enjoying watching my amazing clients see the fruits of their labours. You are what makes it all worth while!

As things get busier and my time in increasing demand, I am ever more conscious of how I can reach as many of you as possible. It was brought to my attention recently that I am sitting on a veritable treasure trove of resources that could help bridge the gap, whilst you wait for space to open up in my dairy.

From worksheets & exercises I use with my clients to help you overcome daily frustrations, to pre-recorded seminars covering specific topics in-depth, and even a 12-week course, my imposter syndrome got the better of me and all of this is tucked away in storage.....

Until now! - I have recently teamed up with two awesome professionals and their teams to bring this content to you in the very near future – so watch this space for affordable (if not a bit rough and ready) resources, coming soon.

Click here to sign up to my mailing list to hear when the courses and resources become available!

Coming up...

As this is going to take a little time, I don’t want to leave you in the lurch. I still have a few slots available for new clients in April - book your discovery call here >

In addition to I am also going to be running the following workshops:

Friday 12th April at 3pm:

Surviving exam season - Top Tips for acing exams for Neurodivergent students (suitable for 16+)  

  • 1hr workshop in Q & A - plus free study planner templates & productivity boosting techniques crib sheet.  

  • Cost: £12.99

Thursday 17th April at 7pm:

Hormone Hell? - Natural Approaches to Balancing your Cycle (or lack of) and Staying Sane

  • 90-minutes with Q & A - plus free cycle tracker, hormone symptoms guide and natural solutions quick reference sheet.  

  • Cost: £24.00

So if all of this has you fired up and excited to work with me here’s how to get in touch:

Please note - as part of my systems review, I conducted an audit of my services and a few have changed slightly in length or price. This is to ensure I remain able to provide you the high standards of support you expect, in line with current industry standards.

Not quite ready to commit just connect with me on my socials by clicking on the icons below!

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