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Natural Approaches to ADHD

12-week online course

Starts Tuesday 5th October 7pm BST

(8pm CET - 2pm EDT - 11am PDT)

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Why this course?

What does it involve?

Course content

As an ADHDer I know the pain and frustration of trawling through the books, research papers and expert backed websites to find the perfect solution to 'fix' an ADHD brain. Truth be told, there is no one nutrient or tool that can make you neurotypical overnight (and why would you want it to?!) but, by understanding what’s going on in yours or your child's ADHD brain, and how to tailor natural management options to your specific symptoms you can experience dramatic improvements in all things ADHD.

Let me save you the guess work, hours of research and months of trial and error by signing up to Natural approaches to ADHD; during which you’ll discover my step-by-step programme for understanding the root causes of yours or your child’s unique ADHD symptom profile, and how to implement the right nutrition and natural strategies for your brain and body.

By tapping into my extensive personal and professional research, experimentation and trial and error you'll get exclusive insights into the exact methods I use myself and with 100s of clients to reclaim control of the ADHD brain and start to thrive. Save yourself months if not years and huge amounts of money trying to figure out what works and start seeing real results, in just a few weeks.

Across the course you’ll

  • attend 6 workshop sessions, taking place on alternate Tuesday's from the 5th October, covering the programme and how to seamlessly implement it into your life

  • access live Q & A sessions and group coaching (if signed up to this option) so you can get your questions and roadblocks dealt with directly and seek personalised support 

  • develop your own personalised natural management of ADHD protocol, tailored to your specific experience of ADHD, with the help of our easy to use and beautifully designed workbook

  • benefit from expert advice and support from master’s degree qualified nutrition & bio-medical scientist and natural health expert, who actually has ADHD

  • connect with fellow ADHDers and parents of ADHD children for extra support and encouragement through a dedicated app

  • receive manageable weekly content, exercises and helpful resources via the bespoke online course platform that you can revisit as often as you like.

  • benefit from accountability, reminders and deadlines to ensure you actually work through the course materials, implement the changes and experience the benefits in a reasonable time frame


What we'll cover

Week 1 (workshop):

Getting to know your ADHD brain and why symptoms occur

Week 2 (workbook exercise):

Determining the biological basis of your unique ADHD symptom profile and how this impacts treatment options

Week 3 (workshop):

The role of nutrition in ADHD brain function and how harness it’s power to thrive

Week 4 (workbook exercise):

Creating your personalised ADHD diet and avoiding foods sabotage your mind

Week 5 (workshop):

Making ADHD friendly eating an

achievable reality, even for fussy eaters

Week 6 (workbook):

Simple ADHD meal planning tools for making delicious meals

Week 7 (workshop) :

The essential nutrients and nutritional supplements that support a thriving ADHD brain, with or without medication

Week 8 (workbook)

Creating personalised supplement protocols with the correct dose for the best results at every age and stage of ADHD.

Week 9 (workshop):

Specialist nutritional interventions for combating specific and stubborn ADHD symptoms, how to decide which are most suitable for you.

Week 10 (workbook)

Nutrient recommendations to help with focus, memory, insomnia, emotional dysregulation, anxiety and more

Week 11 (workshop):

Non-nutritional technologies, tools and techniques to help super charge the brain, hyper focus on demand, reduce sensory overload and actually get stuff done.

Week 12 (bonus session)

Live Q &A (open to all), troubleshooting and next steps

Options for attendance to suit all

The 3 course attendance options are designed to suit all needs, personalities and budgets.

What's more each option can also be paid for in up to 3 installments so there really is no reason not to sign-up!


Live non-interactive


Attend all workshops and Q&As live but you'll only be able to listen in and not interact or ask questions. No access to group coaching.

Benefit from the accountability of live attendance but with the safety of staying silent.


Live & interactive


Attend workshops and Q&As live (online), access exclusive group coaching sessions and interact directly with Sophie and other course attendees throughout all sessions. 


Benefit from opportunities to get your questions answered, get help implementing and troubleshooting  the course and receive personalised support  


Playback access


Access workshop videos and all course resources in your own time and progress through the course at your pace and convenience. 

Additional benefits of signing up

All course attendees will benefit from:

  • Access to workshop recordings to watch back as many times as they like 

  • Transcripts of Q&As held at the end of each workshop

  • Downloadable workbooks and resources with all the tools, guides, worksheets and information you need to understand and apply the course content

  • Customisable supplement recommendation guides with dosages for specific symptoms and ages

  • Access to attendee online community and messaging service for between session support and connection with fellow ADHDers

  • Bespoke course platform with your own private account for access to all videos, resources and workbook exercises at your convenience

  • Significant discounts on health products, supplements and services recommended during the programme

  • Priority booking and discounts on future courses, coaching and consultancy with

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Register now to secure your spot

Once you've registered will be in touch to confirm your place, sort payment and get you set-up.

We can’t wait to meet you and be part of your ADHD optimal health journey.

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