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 Genetic Testing-
Your Biological Blueprint 

Your genes are not your destiny!


Thanks to a growing understanding of the role of diet and lifestyle in influencing gene expression, called epigenetics, we now know that whilst you may be born with a particular gene, its impact on your health can be neligable. This is because the foods we choose to eat, the stress we are under, the chemicals in our environment and even childhood trauma has the ability to alter which genes are switched 'on' or 'off'. As such, just having a gene that predisposes you to a food intolerance, poor exercise capacity or a physical or mental health issue does not mean this will affect you. It also means, if you are already suffering from any of the above, you have the power to influence this by changing the nutrients and environment you expose your genes to! 


DNA testing and nutrigenomics is a cutting-edge science and whilst it can help unlock hidden complexities in our health and wellbeing it doesn't yet hold all the answers. In order to harness the amazing power and potential of epigenetics and nutrigenomics, you need to gain a detailed and comprehensive understanding of your current health, diet, lifestyle, symptoms, environment, and biochemistry, alongside your genetic testing. With this information, you can unpick which of your genes may be active and having an impact, and start making changes that help you lead a healthy and vibrant life. 

Sophie has a wealth of experience in helping people work through their genetic analysis results and as a biomedical scientist, with a passion for genetics and research, she goes out of her way to unpick even the most complex of cases. Sophie will work with you to tailor your support to the depth and extent you need.  Whether you just want help to understand your genes variants and the impact they might be having or you want a fully personalised action plan that helps you live life to it's fullest get in touch to book your initial consultation now.

Thank you so much, the work you've done is really epic. It's a difficult period for me at the moment, however, in spite of that, my symptoms are stable and not worsening, which is positive. You've done such a great and detailed job, thank you!

Fabrizio – Chronic Fatigue, Stress & Digestive Issues

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