Bored Boy

ADHD Coaching & Nutritional support

Do you have ADHD and also suffer with health niggles and frustrations?

Are you fed up with your busy mind, lack of motivation or inability to stick to a routine getting in the way of your health goals?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start?


Whether you want to find ways to better manage your ADHD or need help to address associated health issues, such as digestive problems, hormone issues, weight management, or mental health problems, Sophie can help you.


Having ADHD herself, she understands the challenges of putting health goals into practice and sticking to them, that's why she can help to break down them down into manageable and achievable steps that truly align with your values.


Through working with you, she will use tools to allow you to discover and harness true motivation, plan and take the right actions to move towards your goals (even on days you don't achieve anything!), and give you the accountability and support on which and ADHD brain thrives.


As a qualified health, nutrition and life coach with specialist training in psychology and counselling approaches to healthcare, an advanced Diploma in personal training and 15 years experience in health research and consultancy Sophie can help you make your health goals a reality whilst keeping things fun and fresh along the way!

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