Personalised health services  

Sophie Tully offers a range of highly personalised health services, including: 

  • Nutrition and support for chronic health conditions

  • DNA test analysis

  • ADHD coaching and nutritional support

  • Sports performance nutrition

  • Nutrition consultations online

Whatever service or package you choose, Sophie takes the time to get to know you inside out, taking a detailed case history, to gain an in-depth understanding of your current diet and lifestyle in addition to

learning about your passions, drivers, stressors and barriers to change. By gaining a comprehensive and detailed insight into not just your symptoms and health concerns but the things that matter to you most, she works with you to create a highly personalised support plan that helps you get the most from all aspects of your life. 

With over a decade of experience working with people suffering from complex health issues, Sophie knows the importance of tailoring diet and lifestyle interventions to each person, not just their health condition. Sophie employs a diverse range of skills including clinical nutrition, functional medicine, biochemistry and biomarker analysis, functional testing, coaching and stress management techniques to create a plan that's right for you. 

Sophie's areas of specialism include stress & fatigue; mental health & psychology; neurodiversity, digestive health; auto-immunity & thyroid function; chronic, complex health concerns and inflammatory-based illness. 

Contact us to find out more. 

I was very nervous when I first met Sophie and was warmly welcomed and she actually listened and absorbed what I was saying, which for years has fallen on deaf ears. I now have definitive answers from tests Sophie recommended and am on the road to recovery. I can honestly say I do not know where I would be today if I had not met Sophie. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Working with Sophie was an absolute pleasure. She completely gets that healthy nutrition is part of a holistic healthy lifestyle and revolves around stuff other than food... Working with her was very helpful!